# Shaquille O'Neal

Shaq Daddy’s pre- and post-game eats are #goals
An ABC license was recently registered for a place called ‘Shaquille’s’
The basketball legend once gave a server $4,000 simply because they asked for it
Years ago, Starbucks’ CEO approached Shaquille O’Neal for a lucrative partnership, but Shaq declined
Get into the holiday spirit with this Easy Bake Oven baking lesson from Shaq, and consider donating to Toys for Tots
The basketball legend gets heat off the court for his new soda
The basketball star moves from the court to the beverage business
Shaquille O'Neal announces his own line of soft drinks called “Soda Shaq” in partnership with AriZona Beverages
Do you think it goes well with his 'Shaq 'n Cheese?'