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The ‘Aquaman’ star’s image on the box earned a Denver girl the real title of Top Cookie CEO
Now you won’t have to wait for your co-worker’s daughter to sell her stash every year
A New Jersey Girl Scout is getting media attention after her cookie critiques went viral
UberEats is partnering with Girl Scouts to bring cookies directly to Florida residents
General Mills is partnering with Girl Scouts to make limited-edition Thin Mint and Samoa cereals in 2017
Girl Scouts just announced two new cookies: both a chocolate-coated and regular graham cracker s’mores cookie
Four entries from each dessert category will be selected and tested in a professional test kitchen
This year’s Digital Cookie upgrade will help the girls develop their business and marketing skills
One poll suggests that nearly 50 percent of customers will stop buying the cookies once they reach $5, but we don’t buy it