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Chocolate products distributed throughout Europe have been recalled after testing positive for salmonella
Mahina Mele Farms, which mainly ships to the East Coast and Hawaii, has issued the latest salmonella recall
The recall was initiated after the FDA identified salmonella in a sample of Kroger Garlic Powder

Stewart Parnell is responsible for manufacturing salmonella-tainted peanut butter during the 2008-2009 outbreak.

The CDC warns that a lot of raw tuna from Indonesia contains salmonella

This week, almost four million pounds of frozen raw chicken have been pulled from grocery store shelves.

The CDC has also urged those who do keep chickens as pets to not allow the animals into their homes. 

The stuffed chicken entrees from Portland, Maine, are contaminated with salmonella
The latest salmonella outbreak in the United States is partially due to an epidemic of people cuddling and kissing chickens
The sum is the largest criminal fine in a food safety case, the Justice Department confirmed