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Stoli has released a ‘one of a kind’ gluten-free vodka made with corn and buckwheat to appeal to the celiac community
A local fisherman decided to turn a pothole into something more useful, so he filled it with water and stocked it with fish
Russia is expected to engage in long-term “economic cooperation” with North Korea, including an investment in a fast food chain
A week after Turkey shot down a Russian warplane, Russia has responded with a number of economic sanctions against Turkey
Even the seats and bowls are shaped like toilets

Russia and France are the latest nations to say goodbye to GMOs.

McDonald’s continues to expand into Russia despite the government’s decidedly anti-Western sentiments
Meanwhile, Putin himself recently made an exception to the import ban so that he could continue sourcing caviar from Italy
The Society for Protecting the Rights of the Consumer (OZPP) filed a complaint to Russia’s High Court
The tins have a Russian brand name and do not note the country of origin