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Do you know all the facts about this much-loved Costco product?
Famous chefs from around the country buy from Johnson & Swarbrick in Goosnargh
The lawsuit alleges the 17 companies conspired from 2008 to at least late 2016
An already dangerous industry could potentially become more harmful to its livestock and employees
The CDC warns to keep your hands off their breasts
An investigation has determined that the plastic wrapping on raw chicken sometimes itself contains dangerous bacteria
If you think you know what terms like ‘natural’ and ‘cage-free’ mean, think again
An Oxfam investigation has found that poultry factory workers are denied bathroom breaks and forced to wear diapers
The Islamic State is so short on money that it has taken to selling chickens and eggs from seized poultry farms
An 84-year-old man in Pennsylvania had been operating a slaughterhouse in his basement and selling the meat to food markets