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The New York Times restaurant critic gave Blanca two stars in 2012, but this week he raised its star rating to three
After giving Mission Chinese Food two stars back in 2012, Wells keeps the restaurant’s star rating unchanged

Did something come up last minute, and you can’t make your fancy dinner reservation? Your wallet’s going to hurt.

The New York Times restaurant critic did not change the star rating that predecessor Sam Sifton bestowed on Aquavit in 2010
The New York Times restaurant critic dug into hot new Tex-Mex eatery Javelina with a sarcastic review

Wells told readers that ‘many of the new dishes,’ like the China-quiles, ‘are a reason for anybody who wrote off Fung Tu after the early days to put a return visit at the top of the calendar.’ 

The New York Times restaurant critic wrote a complimentary review of Mu Ramen in Long Island City
Just as he did to Dirty French back in December, Pete Wells gave its corporate sibling Santina two stars

Pete Wells recommended Meat Hook Sandwich’s hot chicken in his review this week.

A New Yorker’s love for the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich cannot be interrupted by any versions by celebrity chefs or fancy new restaurants, and that’s a good thing.