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A new study published by scientists at the University of Bristol claims that low-sugar drinks can reduce body weight
1893 was the year that founder Caleb Bradham starting selling “Brad’s drink."
The drink, based on a soda from the 1800s called “Brad’s Drink,” contains sugar, water, caramel, and lemon

Pepsi Perfect is almost sold out, and we don’t get a hoverboard? Man, this future really bites.

PepsiCo will be releasing a line of Android smartphones and accessories in China sometime in the coming months
Don’t feel too bad for Coca-Cola and Pepsi yet, as they own Dasani, Smartwater, ad Aquafina.
Since 2009, the American soda industry has spent a minimum of $106 million on efforts to block public health initiatives
Diet Pepsi is now sweetened with sucralose
Pepsi is going hipster by introducing this line of all-natural, cane sugar-sweetened sodas that will hit stores this summer
PepsiCo plans to remove aspartame, an artificial sweetener, from its diet drinks and replace it with sucralose by August