# oreos

This is the most amazing Oreo creation ever
A white cream center within a chocolate cream center? That’s like Oreo-Inception!
Once a month, Khloe Kardashian indulges in her most compulsive organization habit
The sandwich cookies are resuming production after being off the market for 12 years
Oreo is releasing a new permanent product called Oreo Thins, made with a thinner, crisper cookie
Oreos has come up with another flavor: a cookie version of the campfire classic, with chocolate and marshmallow creme
A Colorado mother is angry that her daughter was sent home with a note explaining why she was barred from eating Oreos
A new recipe on the food blog Oh Bite It! has us deep-frying Oreos in bacon, creating one big unhealthy superfood

Speculation abounds that Hydrox fell out of favor because it sounds like a cleaning product.

Are Cotton Candy Oreos the newest Nabisco product to hit shelves? Maybe, but Oreo won’t tell us