# Olive Garden

You thought they were just regular Andes Candies, didn’t you?
A new campaign from One Million Moms contends that Olive Garden’s support of the Fox Show “Lucifer” is “glorifying Satan”
Olive Garden has added catering-delivery to its list of restaurant services, expanding its original to-go experience
A stranger paid for the family’s bill, writing, “Merry Christmas Beautiful Family” on the receipt
The Olive Garden in Times Square is charging $400 per person for the prime spot of eating in the vicinity of the ball drop
Varieties include Chicken Marsala Ravioli, Smoked Mozzarella Manicotti, and Lobster Ravioli
A large-scale investigation has uncovered slavery conditions for shrimp-peelers in Thailand, which sells to major distributors
Pop star Katy Perry celebrated her 31st birthday by dining with her closest friends at Olive Garden
Olive Garden has implemented new mascots — an olive, tomato, ravioli, grape, and breadstick — with crazed expressions
The Olive Garden breadstick truck is scheduled to park in Boston’s North End, and Italian restaurateurs are not happy about it