# Noma

After three years at one of the world’s best restaurants, Daniel Giusti will focus his talents on improving school lunches
The documentary about Noma showcases the day-to-day systems of operation behind the restaurant voted the best in the world
Rene Redzepi announced that the replacement for Noma, which is closing at the end of the 2016, will be called 108
A documentary film crew follows René Redzepi in 2013, the year Noma was no longer considered the best restaurant in the world
Here’s what Noma’s René Redzepi ate for breakfast this weekend, and how to make it
The Mad Institute at Yale will begin with a pilot program of 6 to 8 chefs in 2016
René Redzepi explained in a recent Op-Ed for Lucky Peach magazine why he decided to turn Noma into an urban farm
There will still be a menu, but expect a “fervent adherence to seasonality”
Rene Redzepi's Noma is opening in Australia in January