# Momofuku Milk Bar

Don’t worry, the pie still tastes just as sweet
The airline’s premium travel offering also includes a menu curated by Saxon + Parole and coffee by Brooklyn Roasting Company
Christina Tosi has created the ‘Ballpark Bomb’: an unholy pretzel union of cream cheese, mustard, and hot dogs
Before Milk Bar leaves the park, get your hands on the location-exclusive German hot chocolate and hot donut cider
Milk Bar Madison Square Park opens Saturday, January 31
The pastry chef giant has been hired as a judge on Fox’s ‘MasterChef’ and the recently-renewed ‘MasterChef Junior'
Los Angeles pastry chef Zoe Nathan will teach a pop-up baking class at Milk Bar featuring recipes from her new cookbook
On the updated Milk Bar menu: location-based soft serve, new baked breads, and classic cakes and truffles
We talked to Momofuku Milk Bar's Christina Tosi about how to approach cereal in the most creative way possible
Christina Tosi chatted with The Daily Meal about her new cookbook, new treats at Milk Bar, and her upcoming participation in the New Taste of the upper West Side.