# M&Ms

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this beautiful beverage
The candy company won’t comment, but these treats are likely coming in 2019.
Mars, Inc. just released butterscotch M&Ms and fans claim they taste like butterbeer from Harry Potter
The reclusive man was the longtime president of Mars, Inc., famous for Milky Way bars and M&M’s
A Swedish court barred M&Ms from being sold in Sweden
M&M’s has released two limited-edition flavors just in time for Valentine’s Day and, of course, they're pink
It’s barely November, and M&M’s has just released new winter M&M’s: White Peppermint, Hot Chocolate, and Café Mocha
Pumpkin Spice latte M&Ms are now a thing, Starbucks PSL is almost back, and summer is officially over
Crispy M&Ms, the nostalgic 90s treat that combined M&Ms with crisped rice, are back!