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Would you want McDonald’s influencing your kids even more?

McD’s actually invented broccoli that tastes like bubblegum
We’re not sure who should be more embarrassed…McDonald’s or these so-called food critics.
McDonald’s has decided to only do a limited rollout of their beloved annual limited-edition McRib
Although the concept might be consistent, the fast-food chain’s menu adapts to a certain country’s popular tastes.
McDonald’s is creating a Justice League burger series, starting with Batman
McDonald’s McCafeé has announced that they will be doing another round of free coffees: this time from September 16-29
Fast casual restaurants are already jumping on the new IPhone 6’s Apple Pay virtual wallet feature
We really hope that pink slime isn’t making a major comeback—only real beef products in my burgers, please!
You can now get your McDonald’s fix inside a decommissioned airplane in New Zealand