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An Oregon Girl Scout decided to sell cookies outside a marijuana dispensary with a sign that says, ‘Satisfy Your Munchies'
Just in time to celebrate Denver being in the Super Bowl, Mario Batali has released a recipe for marijuana-infused brownies
Beer, which already ‘shares the buzz’ with wine and liquor, might have to start sharing with marijuana
A gelatteria in Italy is serving ‘Bob Marley’ ice cream with hemp in it
By indulging their sweet tooth, some teachers got more than they bargained for
Mindy Segal, proprietor of Chicago’s Hot Chocolate, is the first high-profile chef to officially launch a line of pot treats
A new restaurant in Amsterdam, Green House Kitchen, provides vaporizers for every table, encouraging diners to sup while stoned
A French McDonald’s was selling drive-thru drugs

Cannabis Energy Drink is not made with THC, the mind-altering ingredient found in marijuana.