# Kraft

This genius Japanese company has invented meltable chocolate slices that look like pre-packaged cheese
Oscar Mayer will be moving from Madison, Wisconsin, to Chicago, which will result in a net-loss of 2,600 jobs
There are approximately 335,000 cheeses now involved in this recall
36,000 cases of these cheeses were voluntarily recalled because of the plastic wrappers
These are the world's biggest food processors that produce most of the food that we consume daily
Federal Commission Accuses Kraft of Manipulating Wheat Prices
‘Both organizations have agreed it is best not to proceed as originally planned,’ announced a spokesperson for Kraft
The Kraft/Heinz merger will create a super-company, worth at least $28 billion, that will be the third-largest in North America
Kraft recalled nearly 850,000 cases of its most beloved brands because customers found metal in the boxes