# Japanese

New Japanese restaurant Kyatchi makes a commitment to the environment with sustainable seafood
New Japanese Kit Kat store will release bakeable Kit Kats that are meant to be heated in a toaster oven like Pop Tarts
Japanese ice-poppopsicle-maker Gari-Gari Kun will soon be making spaghetti-flavored popsicles filled with jellied tomato sauce
The "secret" restaurant announced that it's ready to build a new "hideout" and that it's in love with the "big island"
The monthly dining event expertly pairs sushi and wine
The upscale Beverly Hills restaurant has been accused of mistreating workers
The Los Angeles establishment has added a menu that is entirely gluten free
The Japanese-Canadian culture festival is coming soon
Just because winter is a distant memory doesn't mean you have to give up slurp-tastic pleasures
Sherman visits a sushi joint that's popular with the locals