# jam

Four tasty recipes to utilize summer's best produce
Recipe excerpted from ‘Gather: Everyday Seasonal Food from a Year in Our Landscapes’ by Gill Meller
Take two classics – thumbprint cookies and peanut butter & jelly – put them together and you have a hit on your hands
Recipe comes courtesy of Jamnation Jam creator Gillan Reynolds
Melt-in-your-mouth, buttery shortbread cookies are topped with your favorite Jamnation jams
Meyer lemon and ginger give this dish a healthy pop of fantastic flavor.
As the jam glaze reduces the flavors intensify creating a sweet and savory combination you won’t be able to put down
Recipe comes courtesy of Jamnation creator Gillan Reynolds
From cookbook 'Rise and Shine' by Katie Sullivan Morford
So simple, so quick, and so ridiculously delicious.