# Italian

Find out how the Biamonte family went from one New York brick-oven pizza shop to running a national pizza chain
Italy is in talks with UNESCO to add Neapolitan pizza to its official list of landmarks of "intangible cultural heritage"
Italian lawmakers are looking to pass a law that would make olive oil fraud tougher, but critics deem it will do the opposite
DePalma, who was hired as Babbo’s first pastry chef in 1998 and remained at her post until 2013, has died of ovarian cancer
The Michelin Guide has unveiled its 2016 guide in Italy, and two restaurants have received their second stars
Il Tartufo will take the place of Eataly New York’s Pranzo from November 2 until the 30, featuring black and white truffles
Learn how to make pasta from an Italian family from Venice
Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich will be in charge of dining at the Maritime Hotel in Chelsea
The new menu item is called the Loaded Italian sandwich and is piled high with Italian meats and vegetables
Olive Garden has implemented new mascots — an olive, tomato, ravioli, grape, and breadstick — with crazed expressions