# invention

Getting tatted doesn’t have to be reckless — now, it could save your life
Scientists have 3-D printed pasta that changes shape from flat sheets of starch to full-fledged pasta in just minutes
Oreo is calling upon fans to create Oreo flavors, and they will be turning select flavors into real cookies
High school students in Florida have invented a straw with color-changing test strips inside that can detect drugs
Gazit’s new product lets you cook perfect steak — the French way — while doing a load of laundry
This new drip-free wine bottle designed by a scientist may be simple, but it ensures less sauvignon spillage
Flippy is the burger-flipping robot developed by Miso Robotics that just made its debut at a fast-food joint this month
A new ‘Shark Tank’ episode will feature MealEnders lozenges, which are supposed to signal to your brain that you’re full
‘Cronut King’ Dominque Ansel has partnered with Jeremiah Stone and Fabian Von Hauske to invent this unusual dessert
This brilliant woman simply filled the “water dispenser” part of a new refrigerator with wine: Why didn’t we think of that?