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Revery’s patio menu includes dishes for dogs
D&C Pizza in Indianapolis is offering its own gun buyback program with a pizza twist to get guns off the streets
Students at Kokomo High School in Indiana are complaining that anyone with a lunch debt of over $25 gets a plain cheese sandwich
Bob and Angie Freeman are looking for new owners to take over their restaurant
Papa Roux will allow customers to earn 25 percent off of their bill if they show their handgun license
The former Subway spokesperson may have inappropriately allocated his organization’s funds
A few lucky lottery players stand to win bacon for the next 2 decades
The Indy 500 takes place this weekend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and there’s going to be a beer robot
The White House Correspondents’ Dinner this year was full of witty one-liners from speakers and the president himself

Who better to trust with all of your wedding pizza needs than J.D. and Turk?