# ice pops

Otter Pops? Freezy pops? Zooper Doopers?
While no illnesses have been reported, consumers are urged to return any recalled product
You can find Pimm’s pops at Ocado.com, Selfridges Food Hall, and Darwin & Wallace bars
If you’re headed to the beach, throw a couple of these sweet snacks in your cooler
These frozen wine pops are a refreshing treat to be enjoyed all summer long
Student activists in Taiwan created 100 different ice pops made of dirty water and pollutants found in Taiwan
Whatever happened to strawberry and cherry?
Pops has released these prosecco popsicles that come in various flavors, including Bellini, prosecco, rosé, and Champagne
For a hot day at the races, or a hot day on the couch
a beautiful trifecta of colors and flavors