# Hong Kong

The shop is best known for their butter cookies sold in teddy bear tin boxes
Hint: none of them include the words “Lan,” “Kwai,” or “Fong.”
The dinner will feature an eight-course meal inspired by Marvel characters
An entire month celebrating great food and wine? Sign us up!
Treat your inner coffee connoisseur to a special pick-me-up
Hong Kong is hosting Oktoberfest, Beertopia, and Gintober all in one month, so take advantage
The best egg tarts in Hong Kong aren’t always where you’d think
Security cameras show footage of a homeless woman slumped over inside a Hong Kong McDonald’s 24 hours after she sat down
A new health fad in China called ‘sun-eating’ has women staring directly into the sun as a meal replacement
The two basketball stars are looking to expand their market to Asia