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Perfect for breakfast or dessert
These snack bars are the perfect summertime treat
Since we aren’t leprechauns, we won’t sing ‘they’re magically delicious!’ to convince you. But they’re pretty good
The FDA sent a warning label to KIND to remove the word healthy from its packaging, and has now gone back on the decision
Rapper Waka Flocka Flame announces plans to start a line of vegan marijuana edibles for those on-the-go
After the FDA asked KIND to remove ‘healthy’ from its packaging, the company wants to change standards
A new study published in the Journal of Health Psychology says that eating on the go tricks you into eating more

Although Kind has already committed to working together with the FDA, the company points out that items like avocados and salmon contain the same fats in question.

The Minneapolis sheriff department’s new program fills patrolling police cars with granola bars and canned vegetables