# GMOs

The Food and Drug Administration was given $3 million to bolster public relations for genetically modified produce
A March lawsuit against Monsanto has alleged that the company hires ‘trolls’ to respond to every negative online comment
Monsanto company emails released as part of a lawsuit show some duplicitous inner workings in the company’s research arm
GMOs, hunger, food sustainability, and obesity have all been noticeably missing from the debate stage this presidential election
The use of herbicides in the US has increased by 21 percent since the introduction of GMOs
University of California, Davis, is being sued for failing to comply with Freedom of Information Act requests on GMO research
President Obama just signed the mandatory GMO-labeling bill that has made both sides of the issue unhappy
The Senate voted on Thursday to create a single national GMO labeling bill after more than a year of debates on the issue
From sustainability to allergy recognition, these stores are as healthy as it gets
A new report from the prestigious National Academy of Sciences has concluded that GMOs aren’t as harmful or helpful as we think