# Glyphosate

Some researchers have said the product’s active ingredient could cause cancer
A March lawsuit against Monsanto has alleged that the company hires ‘trolls’ to respond to every negative online comment
The agritech giant also referred to the UN’s International Agency for Research on Cancer as an ‘ad hoc working group’
Monsanto company emails released as part of a lawsuit show some duplicitous inner workings in the company’s research arm
Popular herbicide used by many has potential negative health effects and impacts biodiversity
An anonymous note to the wine producer warned that ‘without reaction, sooner or later there will be deaths’
During testing, 10 of 24 common breakfast foods were shown to contain detectable levels of glyphosate
Fourteen popular beers in Germany have been found to contain trace levels of glyphosate, including the popular Becks
The Food and Drug Administration will finally begin testing for residues of glyphosate, the world’s most common pesticide
The USDA has determined that pesticide residue levels found in foods produced in the US do not pose a safety risk to consumers