# global warming

A new USDA report warns that climate change poses serious risks to food security for the US and the world in years to come
Warmer autumns are making it increasingly difficult for Belgian brewers to produce their traditional lambic beers
A new study shows that when we waste meat, it has a much more substantial negative environmental impact than wasting greens
French citizens have been urged to stop buying and consuming products that require the production of palm oil
Save Our Swirled, raspberry ice cream with raspberry and marshmallow swirls, is trying to bring attention to climate change

‘We must also remind the powerful of the Earth that God will call them to judgment one day,’ the pope warned. 

New York City chef Evan Hanczor and Oxfam will show how climate change deeply impacts the world's access to food.
The American Southwest faces a significant chance of a drought that may last a decade, or even three
Gulf of Maine Losing Lobster as Waters Become Uninhabitable
Global climate change is inevitable, but can we do something about it?