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The UK could become a bastion of top wines, thanks to the Earth’s changing temperatures and weather patterns
If the ocean’s temperatures keep rising, lobsters will be in danger of going extinct, Maine scientists say
As the Earth continues to warm up, scientists predict whether we’ll be able to keep up with the hunger demands
Rising global temperatures could seriously affect the yield of one of the world’s most important crops
Australia’s Climate Institute predicts half of the land that produces coffee will be unable to do so by 2050
50-year study shows correlation between rising water temperatures and increasing Vibrio infections
Warm summers, sans drought, have made for increasingly early harvests that, for now, have produced exceptional wines
A new study from Oxford University finds that widespread veganism could save seven million lives and millions of dollars
In warmer waters, shell-destroying bacteria can kill lobsters or at least make them completely unmarketable
Swiss chocolate company Barry Callebaut has created heat-resistant chocolate in an effort to expand to more tropical climates