# glitter

‘My shiny teeth that twinkle, just like the stars in space’ — Chip Skylark, but also us
We’ll take our non-fat, no-foam, caramel macchiato with extra glitter, thanks
Galaxy Bagels from the Bagel Store in Brooklyn are glittery, colorful and will leave your unicorn foods in the dust
One pack of the edible glitter makes 14 servings of shimmery prosecco
Cosmo’s genius recipe involves a popped balloon, glitter, ice cream, and a ton of Malibu rum
Why just stick to boring, old fondant and frosting when you can wow your guests with these fab baking ideas?
From cake-toppers to pre-party starters in invitation envelopes, see why the colorful stuff is all the rage
Because if glitter wasn’t enough, we have the next best thing