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First prediction: Your pee will smell weird tomorrow
Scientists have invented augmented reality glasses that will keep the wearer from overeating by tracking consumption
The surprising prediction from Tyson CEO Tom Hayes came when he was asked about plant-based protein
Amazon Go users can buy groceries in person simply by tapping their phones with what’s being called ‘Just Walk Out’ technology
Moley Robotics is preparing to release the world’s first robotic chef specifically designed for home use in 2018
CEO of Pepsi, Indra Nooyi, says insects are the food of the future: ‘The hottest thing is eating crickets!’
As the Earth continues to warm up, scientists predict whether we’ll be able to keep up with the hunger demands
Rising global temperatures could seriously affect the yield of one of the world’s most important crops
The BeeHex 3D printer can make almost any type of pizza you want in only a few minutes, no human hands needed