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After its massive foodborne illness scandal that left nearly 200 people sick, Chipotle will now be blanching its onions and more
A research team in southern Illinois is working to harness the antimicrobial properties of turmeric
Chipotle CEO Steve Ells took out full-page advertisements in newspapers to apologize for his customers falling ill
Health officials shut down a Seattle Chipotle for the second time in one month for health violations, following an E. coli scare
A reported 200 people have been sickened and two hospitalized after a major catered event in a Seattle skyscraper this past week
The CDC reduced the number of Chipotle-related E. coli illnesses from 50 to 37, but the number of affected regions has increased
The USDA has announced a recall of 52,486 pounds of Tyson chicken wings due to possible contamination
Employees who work in the roasting facilities of commercial coffee plants are likely being exposed to dangerous chemicals
An investigation found that retailers commonly engage in secretive tactics to make food appear fresher than it is
A food safety lawyer is warning customers that Chipotle is not as careful as it should be, following an E. coli breakout