# food delivery

Change fueled by customer and restaurant complaints on artificially inflating food prices
Health inspectors are struggling to keep up with on-demand food delivery apps that promise to make your food in just minutes
Groupon is the newest player in a growing marketplace of online food ordering and delivery
Soon you’ll be able to get your Domino’s fix by ordering via tweet, or even with a simple pizza emoji

It’s becoming easier and easier to be a lazy couch potato. 

Maple chefs prepare the food in-house, delivering a limited, changing menu to your doorstep every day for lunch and dinner
The chain is also looking to introduce an in-store smartphone payment option by the end of the year
Uber is testing UberFRESH: a food delivery service that will bring lunch from local restaurants to your door in under 10 minutes
Ice Cream Jubilee offers subscriptions to an ice cream delivery service
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