# Ferran Adria

Ferran Adrià's legendary restaurant will get immortalized in a fictionalized dramatic film
An action brought by the children of an investor in elBulli has been thrown out of court
Check out his upcoming Internet-based food mega-encyclopedia
The spokesman for PepsiCo gets the special can treatment
Perú Sabe is dedicated to the idea that food is, well, a weapon
They claim that the elBulli chef cheated a former investor by conning him to sell his share for lower than its worth
In addition to his Mexican restaurant in Barcelona, he's also working with his brother on a bar
Adrià talks about the Foundation, the Bullipedia, and more, and says he's busier than ever
Famed former elBulli chefs will open a casual eatery
That's in addition to the Mexican restaurant he's opening with his brother