After weeks of small-batch recalls, Blue Bell is pulling all products from shelves due to an extensive listeria scare

Although Kind has already committed to working together with the FDA, the company points out that items like avocados and salmon contain the same fats in question.

The Natural Resources Defense Council has called for individual states to step up in the face of ‘meaningful federal action.’

The FDA appears to be to collecting data that shows the chemical has caused direct harm. 

Fish oil, long believed to offer cardiovascular benefits, doesn’t hold up in the last decade of medical trials
The FDA has concluded that Arctic Apples and Innate Potatoes are safe for consumption
One percent of dairy farms surveyed tested positive for unapproved drugs
A recent study by the FDA found that 59 percent of supposedly dark chocolate actually contains traces of milk
Dr. Margaret Hamburg, who led the FDA for six years, is stepping down due to difficult demands of the position
Under the new proposal, USDA and FDA would no longer have jurisdiction over food safety