The FDA wants to get specific with sugar content and has proposed a rule that would change Nutrition Facts labels

This week, almost four million pounds of frozen raw chicken have been pulled from grocery store shelves.

Restaurants and other food retailers now have another year to comply with the menu labeling rule
Companies will have three years to rid artificial trans fats from their foods and drinks.
The FDA Defect Level Handbook details a long list of ‘unavoidable defects’ that are allowed in American foodstuffs
Environmental Activists Critical of New Federal Policy Designed to Curb Antibiotics in Meat

The FDA has already indicated that trans fats are not safe, and now the government agency looks to back up that statement with a legal one. 

Tyson aims to remove human antibiotics from its chicken within the next 2 years
The US Public Health Service has recently severely limited the amount of recommended fluoride bottled water additive

We seriously wouldn’t recommend trying this with meat or dairy.