Walmart, Target, and Safeway are among the national retailers affected by the recall
The Food Labeling Modernization Act bill would require food labels to be more specific, consumer-friendly, and realistic
Kroger, Safeway, Trader Joe's, and Whole Foods have all already pledged not to sell the genetically engineered fish
The new rules will require importers and producers to verify cleanliness of their food
Currently, the FDA has no formal definition for the term “natural”

Who knew that bioluminescent sea creatures could help your brain work better?

Cheesemakers Anxiously Await FDA Findings on Safety of Raw Milk

The FDA says that your homebrewed Red Bull could prove to be deadly.

The FDA is considering changing serving sizes on food and drink labels to reflect what people actually consume
The FDA says that mayonnaise must contain eggs, so Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo needs a name change