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Many crops were submerged in contaminated flood water for days
A new study shows that 77 million people across the country are drinking tap water with numerous safety and hygiene violations
Monsanto company emails released as part of a lawsuit show some duplicitous inner workings in the company’s research arm
President Trump implemented a media blackout of the USDA and EPA, but the USDA has lifted the ban
Agreement was part of a costly settlement with the EPA
The USDA has determined that pesticide residue levels found in foods produced in the US do not pose a safety risk to consumers
Chlorpyrifos, a widely used pesticide, is under review by the EPA after independent studies have indicated health concerns
Obama Administration Teams with Private Sector to Cut US Food Waste in Half
State legislator Eric Schmitt encouraged backyard barbecues to peacefully protest possible propane bans
What this farmer is spraying on his crops is not much cause for alarm, according to the USDA.