# Donald Trump

Spend a night in Queens with a cardboard cut-out of the president himself, surrounded by copies of 'The Art of the Deal'
It’Sugar’s ‘Make America Sweet Again’ gummies are proudly made in China
Samuel H. Clovis, nominated as a USDA undersecretary, has no apparent scientific background
A 2011 measure barred employers from collecting and sharing out tip income
The purported receipt from the high-profile repast was obviously fake, but lots of people swallowed it
Coffee farmer and entrepreneur Andres Magana Ortiz was deported to Mexico
The vodka brand pokes fun at the Trump administration’s reluctance to discuss its links to the country
Entries can be submitted through June 25
In a side piece to a lengthy feature on Trump behind the scenes, Time magazine reveals the president’s weakness for ice cream
Batali ominously warns that the widening wealth gap and continued tax cuts for the rich will soon reach a breaking point