# Dominique Ansel

You won't have to wait in line to buy these beauties anymore when the Dominique Ansel cookbook comes out in October.
Dominique Ansel Bakery has reopened after passing its re-inspection, and is celebrating with a Rocky Balboa-inspired Cronut
The bakery behind the Cookie Shot and Cronut was shut down by the Department of Health for a 'severe mouse infestation'
There's a new cronut in town, and its name is cookie shot.
Cronut flash sale ships pastries outside New York
Frosted Flakes and Cocoa Puffs have nothing on this cereal
Dominique Ansel has teamed up with Heidi Klum and more for the Cronut Mission
He's developed a peanut butter ganache with soft toffee in milk chocolate
The pastry chef shared a couple tips at the New York Wine & Food Festival’s Jets & Chefs Event
The Cronut inventor’s latest treat is nothing short of beautiful