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A deadly bacterial outbreak that has caused the death of one California man has been linked back to gas station cheese
A Japanese tapeworm has been found in American waters
Finding fantastic food is an essential part of almost any vacation, but for various health reasons, you might want to skip these
Don’t let global conflicts or crime put a damper on your vacation; book a trip to one of these countries, and travel worry-free
The FDA is warning Whole Foods about its serious food safety violations and sanitation issues at its food prep headquarters
An investigator has concluded that on the whole, the FDA issues recalls of tainted food products much later than necessary
Australian actress Rebel Wilson tweeted a concerning story about her suspicion that ‘something’ was slipped into her drink
Residents in New Jersey and Pennsylvania have reportedly discovered sewing needles and pins in bags of Halloween candy
A preschool in Oregon has shut down in response to a health inquiry after three students have contracted E. coli this fall