# Costco

You might love Costco, but you won’t love what it’s doing to your eating habits.  

A young man turned violent when he was scolded by a fellow shopper for taking too many Nutella samples.
The wholesale company is accused of misleading customers about its role in Thailand’s slave labor-dependent fishing industry
Chile salmon farmers are notorious for using antibiotics in their waters
A woman says she saw a Satanic symbol in her dessert
The wholesale giant faces increasing public pressure to make good on a promise made nearly 10 years ago
Costco has become the largest organic grocer in America, surpassing Whole Foods with $4 billion in organic grocery sales
The head of the Kardashian-Jenner complex has a passion for buying in bulk
Citigroup and Visa will take over the exclusive Costco partnership from American Express

American Express has been Costco’s exclusive credit card for nearly two decades.