# Coke

Coca-Cola is working with nutrition and fitness experts who suggest pairing healthy snacks with cans of Coke
Coca-Cola Puerto Rico hopes that its new emoji-centric campaign will resonate with target demographic
Brands, especially major ones, shouldn’t leave their marketing campaigns to bots
Hours after McDonald’s announced corporate cuts, Coca-Cola followed suit
Coca-Cola North America president Sandy Douglas thinks that the premium milk brand will make it “rain money”
George Prior is doing this as an experiment to showcase the damage sugar does to one’s body
Contraption called “the Real Thing” boils off water from a Coke, and then turns the vapor back into clean, drinkable water
Coca-Cola is Installing Wi-Fi hotspots at South African Coke vending machines
Tennis player Gael Monfils drank a Coke on the sidelines of his match against Roger Federer
Coke's purchase of a 16.7 percent stake in the Monster Beverage Corporation will diversify the portfolio of both companies.