# coffee shop

The bar will be open Tuesday through Saturday 6 p.m. to midnight
1951 Coffee Company, a coffee shop in Berkeley, California, is staffed by people who have fled wars in tumultuous countries
Because what can’t the lifestyle goddess do?
A high school in Nashville is training teenagers how to make coffee to prepare for retail jobs in the real world
Bad Owl Coffee opened up a magically ‘Harry Potter’-themed café in Henderson, Nevada
Though the holey doughnut remains most important to Krispy Kreme, the company is hoping to boost sales with a coffee shop cocept
A Long Island mom opened ‘Our Coffee With a Cause’ and is primarily hiring adults with disabilities, including her own children
Caffeinating America, one great coffee bean at a time: the top coffee roasters
Decaf coffee popup shop, Swiss Water, sparks reactions of anger and confusion from caffeine-addicted New Yorkers
Croissant allows customers to reserve a spot at their local coffee shop, and then get charged automatically for time spent there