# cocaine

Shanghai customs agents found over a ton of cocaine in a huge shipment of fish
A man was stopped in Cordoba for "behaving suspiciously" while carrying a wheel of cheese
Workers at a Coca-Cola factory in France found $56 million worth of cocaine hidden in shipments of orange juice concentrate
The Chief Marketing Officer for the Mexican Grill is now up to his neck in legal trouble, thanks to New York’s Finest
Snorting lines of raw cocoa has become the poshest (and possibly safest) way to get high in Europe’s nightclub scene
20 kilos of cocaine were stashed inside a shipment of frozen fish
Fish that travel through Puget Sound were found to contain high levels of antidepressants, stimulants, and other drugs
Basel police uncovered Switzerland’s largest cocaine seizure in coffee
Gregorio Gigliotti, the owner of a pizzeria in Queens, New York, is believed to be the cocaine network’s leader