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Australia’s Climate Institute predicts half of the land that produces coffee will be unable to do so by 2050
Warm summers, sans drought, have made for increasingly early harvests that, for now, have produced exceptional wines
Montreal, which has already banned plastic bags, may become the world’s largest city to eliminate plastic water bottles
In warmer waters, shell-destroying bacteria can kill lobsters or at least make them completely unmarketable
As small farmers in Mexico fight to protect biodiversity and resist pesticides, they have found support in a higher power
Swiss chocolate company Barry Callebaut has created heat-resistant chocolate in an effort to expand to more tropical climates
A new USDA report warns that climate change poses serious risks to food security for the US and the world in years to come
Warmer autumns are making it increasingly difficult for Belgian brewers to produce their traditional lambic beers

In a letter, the leaders of several American multinational food companies pledged to do their part against climate change and food insecurity.

Rising temperatures could wipe out plenty of coffee crops