# China

A farmer cheaped out on proper animal delivery and put 20 pigs in his car
Gift bag blunder was only one of many in a recent marathon in Qingyuan
A man who bought a cheap iPhone online was surprised to receive a pancake instead
The city of Shanghai will be home to the first Taco Bell in China, opening by the end of 2016
The first KFC in Tibet is decorated with local motifs, including a picture of the Potala Palace, the home of the Dalai Lama
Pizza Hut China will release pizzas made with durian, the Asian delicacy known as the ‘smelliest fruit in the world'
A woman found a four-legged chicken, and experts say she can eat it if she wants
Some factory workers mistook their boss’ dog for a stray and ate it
The world’s oldest dumplings are 1,700 years old and filled with meat
Forget making resolutions; the Chinese kick off their New Year with these traditionally lucky foods