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Some states do more than others to provide meals for schoolkids
Chicken tenders are officially off the menu after a food safety scare in a school sparked a nationwide recall
We Dine Together was started last fall at a high school in Boca Raton, Florida, and promotes togetherness
New school nutrition regulations spearheaded by Mrs. Obama will go into effect next year, affecting sweets brought in by parents
A once-bullied teen created a smartphone app where kids volunteer as ambassadors to those who have nowhere to sit at lunch
Students at Kokomo High School in Indiana are complaining that anyone with a lunch debt of over $25 gets a plain cheese sandwich
School Officials Turn to Dumpster Diving to Find Out What Students Are Actually Eating

Soon, kids will be able to choose yogurt as their protein and dairy portion of a healthy school meal.

A school kitchen manager in Colorado is speaking out after allegedly being fired for helping students without lunch money