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Chicken tenders are officially off the menu after a food safety scare in a school sparked a nationwide recall
We Dine Together was started last fall at a high school in Boca Raton, Florida, and promotes togetherness
New school nutrition regulations spearheaded by Mrs. Obama will go into effect next year, affecting sweets brought in by parents
A once-bullied teen created a smartphone app where kids volunteer as ambassadors to those who have nowhere to sit at lunch
Students at Kokomo High School in Indiana are complaining that anyone with a lunch debt of over $25 gets a plain cheese sandwich
School Officials Turn to Dumpster Diving to Find Out What Students Are Actually Eating
USDA Approves Chobani Greek Yogurt as Meat Alternative in Public Schools
A school kitchen manager in Colorado is speaking out after allegedly being fired for helping students without lunch money
Chartwells K-12, a major school food distributor, has created the first school food app for parents and students