# burrito

Sometimes when that fast food craving hits, all you want is to hit the drive-thru. Instead, lighten up and make this...
“Try the sushirrito trend taking over the Bay Area in California! Sushi gets supersized with an imitation crab...
The new release of Japanese characters will feature popular foods in the Western Hemisphere
The sushi burrito, available at Uma Temakeria this week, is the newest food hybrid to take New York City

Excuse us while we go find the nearest Ben & Jerry’s. We need a moment alone.

Press Tea, a small café in the West Village in New York serves this noodly creation
The Unicode Consortium is considering a list of 37 new Emoji, including several new food items
Taco Bell is testing a menu in the Kansas City area that features the infamous rooster sauce
When it comes to Mexican food, the burrito is about as good as it gets
Isn't he adorable? Check out this squeal-worthy video of a hamster eating a mini burrito.