# burger

The With Everything Burger will be at Lotteria for a limited time, and will feature four patties, fried shrimp, ribs, and more
New menu item was created in collaboration with local celebrity chef Gabriel Choy
Pretzel Corn Cream Cheese Burger and Pretzel Spicy Avocado Burger join the Wendy’s Japan lineup
The Johnny Rockets burger chain is completely overhauling its 1950s diner feel for a more modern aesthetic
Burger King has announced yet another colorful bun, and this one is made with hot sauce and available to American customers
The Atlanta Braves have introduced this season’s new concessions and each menu item is more heart-stopping than the last
Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s have announced a new Midnight Moonshine Burger that (sadly) isn’t actually alcoholic
“Sad Papaw,” whose photo of him eating burgers with the only grandchild who showed up to dinner is hosting a cookout and you can
A photo of a sad grandfather eating a hamburger dinner by himself has gone viral thanks to the heartbreaking story behind it
This guy poured molten copper at 1,984 degrees Fahrenheit over a Big Mac burger, and the patty miraculously stayed intact