# burger

Two week pop-up pays tribute to the classic
It looks like Chipotle is no longer trying to enter the fast casual burger business and has dropped its trademark application
Burger King Brazil created a Whopper air freshener that smells like the famous fast food burger and pranked customers with it
Food experimenters over at Foodbeast threw the ingredients for a Big Mac over some McDonald’s fries and it was glorious
Wendy’s brings back its Bacon Mozzarella Burger for a limited time
Beyond Meat company has created a burger that supposedly tastes, smells, and bleeds like a meat burger
The latest colorful fast food burger to come out of Asia is a bright green McDonald’s burger bun for ‘The Angry Birds Movie’
Diners and Pod 51 hotel guests evacuated because of a fire on Monday night.
Vegas Shake Shack served up a special Shake Shack burger featuring pork cracklings, malted vinegar, and Shack sauce
Joe’s Bar in New York City is offering a ‘Willy Wonka’-themed rainbow-hued burger for Burger Week with a multicolored bun