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New contemporary label is meant to evoke “a more modern twist”
Bud Light is the first beer company to be able to use real NFL footage for its television ads
AB InBev, the world’s largest beer maker, wants to make plans to buy SABMilller, the world’s second largest beer maker
The heavy metal band will be handing out 91,000 cans of this beer
Trouble is brewing over a beverage company that wants to call itself the Queen of Beer
Craft beer may be big, but out of 3,400 breweries in the United States, 11 large companies control the majority of beer output
Competitors claim that the $100,000 prize was not properly awarded
John Oliver Drinks Bud Light Lime, Orders Full McDonald’s Dollar Menu in Honor of FIFA Pledge
Anheuser-Busch temporarily stopped beer production to help out those affected by the deadly flooding
Protests erupted on social media over the slogan’s seeming endorsement of sexual assault and reckless behavior